We know that the road to recovery after a heart event can
be isolating and overwhelming.

“I’m not comfortable
"I'm exhausted all the time"

“Everyday I worry about having another heart attack”

“I hate feeling like a burden on my family”

“I don’t feel like I’ll never be myself again”

“I’m not comfortable in my skin anymore”

“I stopped reaching
out to friends”

“I’m tired of being treated as less capable”

"I feel a lot of pain in my body but I keep getting dismissed"

You are not alone in this journey.

Overcome your worries

Our therapists and cardiac experts give you a space where you:


Learn practical ways to eliminate stress and anxiety derived from your heart condition.


Connect with, be motivated by, and inspire others in your group that take this journey with you.


Become more primed than ever to implement lifestyle changes that will take your heart, health, and happiness to new levels.

Why Group Therapy

Shared Identity

Connect those who understand your experiences

Better Perspective

Hearing people’s stories puts your challenges into context

Self Awareness

Listen to others and gain insight to your own situation


Seeing others succeed gives inspiration to make changes


Maintaining skills and progress becomes a common goal

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What to Expect

Consistent Groups

We put you in consistent groups every session. Build relationships with people that understand your struggles.

Specialized Care

Our team of therapists understand the worries that come with having a heart condition.

Actionable Strategies

We don't only provide a place to share, but also frameworks and methods to transform your mindset.

For Providers

Therapy for CR goes beyond significant reductions in depression and anxiety. We’re currently launching studies with health systems to prove that cardiac patients who enroll in group therapy programs often have a higher adherence rate to traditional cardiac rehab, leading to lower readmissions and lower all cause mortality. Contact us to learn more about transforming your practice’s cardiac rehab experience with group therapy from Salus.

Crafted by Experts

Our sessions are run by licensed therapists that have helped countless people achieve their goals through proven methods.

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The Salus Guarantee

We set goals together. If you don’t achieve your dream outcome after attending 80% of your sessions, the program is entirely free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will talking about my worries actually help?

You will learn practical tools to not only help handle your daily stresses, but make implementing the lifestyle changes you learn in other classes a breeze.

What makes this different than other therapy or stress management courses?

We have licensed therapists that utilize a blend of CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) to give you tangible tools to retrain your brain and body.  A group setting of like-minded individuals makes sure that what you learn is most relevant to you.

How is my group going to understand my specific issues?

While we understand that everyones journey is different, we curate the groups to be most relevant to you.  Our therapists are specifically trained to understand the most common struggle that people face living with a variety of heart conditions.

I've tried therapy before and it didn't work for me. What makes this different?

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Having a curated group of people on a similar journey coupled with the progress being made in your physical health creates an upward spiral of self-belief and lasting change.

What if I'm just not comfortable talking about my problems?

If you're not comfortable talking about your problems, that's okay. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. You are welcome to simply observe and listen if you prefer, and we encourage you to participate at your own pace.